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Operations & Maintenance Division

The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining City streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, storm drains, street signs, traffic signals, streetlights, trees, Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs), medians and parkways in addition to administration of LMD service contracts and the Franchise Agreement with Burrtec Waste Industries. In general, the Division oversees the City right-of-way (ROW). However please note, sewer mains are now maintained by the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department.

Solid Waste Management Services

As of April 1, 2016, Burrtec Waste Industries became the City's sole provider of solid waste management services including collection services to residential and commercial customers for refuse, recyclable, and green waste. Please note that the Municipal Code associated with waste management has also changed with the transition to Burrtec. Please refer to the Municipal Code Title 8 (Health & Safety) section 8.24 - 8.25 for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Right-of-Way (ROW)?
The right-of-way is typically the area between the sidewalk and curb. Public alleys are used for access to garages, residences, or businesses and are generally paved.

Bees or Insects
To report problems with bees or other insects, contact the County of San Bernardino Vector Control at 909-388-4600.

Debris in the Right-of-Way, Public Streets, or Alleys (Illegal Dumping)
Dumping debris in any public street is strictly prohibited and punishable by a fine or jail time or both! Please refer to San Bernardino Municipal Code 12.44.060 and 1.12.010 for detailed information. Please help us keep the city clean by reporting those who are illegally dumping by submitting a report (include car make/model and license plate if possible) to 909-384-7272 or through the City's online portal or GORequest mobile app.

To report hazardous conditions after business hours, please call Police Dispatch at 909-383-5311.

If you need to dispose of excess or bulky waste, such as tires, furniture, renovation scrap, stumps or large limbs from private trees, appliances, etc, please consider the following options:

  1. Donate useable goods to local thrift stores or non-profit organizations - Zero Waste Communities Directory
  2. Recycle metal scrap, tires, wood, concrete, etc - Zero Waste Communities Directory
  3. Call Burrtec to schedule a bulky item pickup at 909-804-4222.
  4. Take to any one of the 11 Community Dump Days throughout the year. They usually take place the last Saturday of the month, except for November due to the holiday. Click here for the most current Community Dump Day schedule. 
  5. Take to a San Bernardino County landfill - click here for more information.

Graffiti Removal
Please report graffiti by calling the SB Direct at 909-384-7272 or utilize the City's SB Access Online portal or GORequest mobile app.

Potholes & Sinkholes in City Streets
It is the goal of the Operations & Maintenance Division to maintain City streets in good repair, including repair of potholes and sinkholes.

Sand and Sandbag Locations
Prepare your home for the storm season.  Click here for free sand and sandbag locations throughout the City (only available days leading up to a heavy rain storm). Should free sand and bags run out, you may purchase sand and sandbags at any local home improvement center. Don't forget to bring your own shovel and gloves!

For additional information on how to protect your home and property during the stormy season visit www.sbcounty.gov/floodinfo

Sewer Maintenance
There are approximately 510 miles of sewer main line throughout the City. To keep the sewer main line functioning properly, crews routinely clean and inspect the sewer main lines to make sure they are working properly and to prevent backups.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sewer lateral line from the residence or business to the sewer main line, including the portion under the sidewalk, curb, and street. If repairs to the sewer lateral are required, the property owner will need to make the repairs or hire a qualified plumber. If repairs extend into the City right-of-way or street, a permit is required. Contact the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department Engineering Division at 909-453-6162 for further information. For general service questions, please call the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department's customer service number at 909-384-5095.

Fats, oils, and grease that are put into the sewer system by food service establishments, homes, apartments, and other sources are a major cause of sewer line blockage leading to increased maintenance and can cause Sanitary Sewer Overflow. These overflows may pollute surface or ground water, and threaten public health. Other causes of Sanitary Sewer Overflow are root blockages, manhole structure failures, vandalism, pump station mechanical failures, power outages, sewer system age, and construction material failures.

To report sewer problems after business hours, please call the San Bernardino Water Department at 909-384-5141.

Shopping Carts
Abandoned shopping carts should be reported to 1-800-252-4613.

Sidewalks, Curbs, & Gutters
The City of San Bernardino provides concrete repairs for sidewalks and curb-gutters as a service to residents as funds are available each fiscal year. Funds are limited and it may be several years before permanent repairs can be completed at a specific location. All locations are placed in our database for permanent repairs. Scheduling permanent repairs is determined by surveys of an area based on the service requests. Sidewalks receive priority attention due to the risk to public safety.

The City responds to eliminate any potential pedestrian tripping hazards that exist on the sidewalk. The Public Works Department will perform (or in some cases may have already performed) some temporary repair work on the sidewalk as necessary for the immediate safety of pedestrians using the sidewalk. The City makes temporary repairs such as grinding or patching on the sidewalks to assure that the sidewalk and curbs will not endanger persons or property and to make it safe for pedestrians.

If you feel that you are unable to wait for permanent repairs at your residence, the City may issue you a permit allowing you to have the damaged concrete repaired by a licensed contractor at your own expense.

Sidewalks located within gated communities, apartment and condominium complexes are private property and are not maintained by the City. All repairs to these sidewalk are the responsibility of the property owner or homeowner's association.

The ultimate responsibility to maintain the sidewalk in a safe condition lies with the property owner. (San Bernardino Municipal Code Section 12.92.040)

To report graffiti on a street name sign or traffic sign, please call SB Direct at 909-384-7272.

Street Lights
The City is currently experiencing an increase in copper wire theft from City street lights. This has resulted in an increase in the length of time it will take to complete work orders for street light repairs. City employees who service the street lights drive white pick up trucks or bucket trucks with the City logo on the doors and will typically wear orange shirts with the City logo. Only emergency repairs to street lights are done after hours and on weekends. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity around street light poles to the Police Department at 911.

The Division maintains street lights on cement poles on City streets and the street lights on traffic signal poles. Street lights on wooden poles and some metal poles are maintained by Southern California Edison. You may call Edison at 1-800-611-1911 to report problems with street lights on wooden poles. Street lights that are maintained by Edison have a pole number that ends in the letter E.

Storm Drains
The Division maintains approximately 118 miles of storm drains and 1,535 street culverts. To keep the storm drains functioning properly, the drains, street culverts, catch basins, and other related facilities are cleaned and inspected for good operating and environmental conditions.

If a problem occurs after business hours, call Police Dispatch at 909-383-5311.

Traffic Signals
The Division maintains traffic signals on City streets. If a traffic signal is flashing, dark (no signals working), or if a light is burned out, please call our SB Direct Call Center at 909-384-7272

If an intersection is dark (no signals working) after business hours, please call Police Dispatch at 909-383-5311. Burned out lights and signals on flash do not need to be reported to Police Dispatch.