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Investigation Continues, Safety Paramount at Lynwood and All City Complexes

City of San Bernardino takes action to hold property owners accountable for resident safety

(September 7, 2018) -- The City of San Bernardino continues to make progress in the investigation of the eight-person shooting at 1277 East Lynwood Drive on September 2. Major steps are underway to ensure the property owner, PAMA Management, will create a safe and crime-free environment for those that live in the complex and the surrounding neighborhood.

The investigation continues with the San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) now receiving and actively pursuing tips through the anonymous TIP Line at 909-953-4673. In addition, an SBPD Officer is assigned to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) task force so we now have access to resources to help with the investigation. This allows SBPD access to high-tech evidence tools like the Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS), which expeditiously helps investigators solve crimes faster by analyzing bullet casings and bullet striations. An investigation like the Lynwood event, with an abundance of physical evidence and lack of witness information, takes time.

 “I want to assure residents that we are moving fast and that this is a sustained effort until our City experiences real and positive change with the quality and safety of our rental housing stock,” said City Manager Andrea Miller. “We know this property is not the only apartment complex in the City that suffers from high crime.”

Ensuring all multi-unit property owners maintain safe and crime-free complexes is being led by the San Bernardino Police Department and San Bernardino’s City Attorney’s Office which is now supported by Best, Best & Krieger and Jones & Mayer. Both firms have extensive experience with Crime-Free Housing.

PAMA Management has taken immediate action to improve the safety at 1277 East Lynwood Drive. This includes:

  • 24-hour security is now in place at the complex.
  • Added security cameras are being installed throughout the property.
  • No congregating will be allowed in public areas within the complex if drinking or gambling is occurring.
  • All gates securing the property have been fixed.

In addition, SBPD and the City Attorney’s Office are pursuing various warrants and violations served at this property prior to the incident. Patrols are also being increased in this area. 

The next steps in making San Bernardino’s multi-unit complexes crime free include:

1)    Adopt a new, strengthened Crime-Free Housing Ordinance that will hold property owners accountable for the actions of their tenants. The City has already begun to review its current ordinance, as well as ordinances from other cities, and are conferring with professional associations for recommendations. The City’s new proposed ordinance is expected to go before Council in October.

2)    Target the 10 most crime-ridden multi-family properties within the City to ensure property owners are meeting all code standards and Crime Free Housing policies.

Moving forward, San Bernardino residents will receive regular updates with the City’s progress toward making property owners accountable for the safety within their complexes and their neighborhoods. Updates will be shared via the City’s Facebook page and website.


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