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Rebate Program Information

The City of San Bernardino is currently recovering from over 5 years of severely dry conditions which have made significant impacts to our primary source of water, the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin.

To encourage our customers to use water wisely, the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) offers many conservation rebates and incentives making it easy to be water efficient, both in your home and outdoors. SBMWD is proud to offer one of our region's most wide-ranging water conservation rebate programs. Each SBMWD residential water customer is eligible for up to $2,000 in rebates through our indoor and outdoor water conservation rebate programs. We encourage you to apply for your rebate today.

Outdoor Rebates & Incentives:

NEW SmartScape Water Conservation Home Visits!

 Get your gardening and water conservation questions answered! SBMWD is working with the Inland Empire Waterkeeper to assist residents in identifying ways to become more water efficient. Through our new SmartScapes program customers can receive one-on-one onsite guidance on efficient watering techniques, water-wise landscaping, gardening tips, and more information about conservation programs available. This service is completely FREE for all customers. Call us at (909) 384-5095 to schedule your SmartScape home visit today! SmartScape Home Visit Application (English / Solicitud En Espanol)

Skydrop Irrigation Controller FREE Installation Program


The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) has partnered with Skydrop to provide an easy-to-use and efficient water management solution. Through this special offer, homeowners of properties in SBMWD's service area are eligible to receive a Skydrop smart irrigation controller and professional installation at NO COST. The smart irrigation controllers automatically determine optimal watering schedules based on weather, soil, plant type and sun exposure.  Supplies are limited. Skydrop Program Application and Flyer

Irrigation Controller Rebate:
Customers can get up to a $250 rebate for installing a weather-based controller or $100 for a standard controller.

High-Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzle Rebate:
Customers can also qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $200, for installing High-Efficiency sprinkler heads.
Please contact us at (909) 384-5341 for a list of approved sprinkler nozzles.

Garden Hose Shut-Off Nozzle Rebate:
Purchase an automatic shut-off nozzle for your garden hose and receive a rebate of up to $10.
Limit 2 per residence.

Drip Irrigation System Rebate:
Customers purchasing and installing a drip system in their landscaping or garden may qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $150.

Learn more about drip irrigation systems

Drought Tolerant Plant Rebate:
Incorporate drought-tolerant trees, plants, and shrubs into your landscaping and receive a 50% rebate (up to $300).

For lists of qualifying drought tolerant plants please visit:
California Gardens Drought Tolerant Plants

Learn more about California Friendly Plant selection

Turf Replacement Material Rebate:
Replace grass turf with mulch or gravel and receive a 50% rebate (up to $300).

Artificial Turf Rebate:
Replace grass turf with artificial turf and receive $2 per square foot (up to $400).

Pool Cover Rebate:
Purchase a cover for your pool and receive a rebate of up to $75.

Turf Removal Rebate:
Replace grass turf with approved materials and receive a rebate of $2 per square foot (up to $2,000)

Water-Smart Landscape Class:
To help our customers reduce their water use without sacrificing the outdoor beauty of their home, we host free Landscaping Classes every Spring and Fall.

Click here to learn more

Please refer to applications for terms of agreement, product requirements and details on how to apply.

Outdoor Rebate Application 
Turf Removal Rebate Application

 Indoor Rebates and Incentives:

High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate:
Customers can get a rebate of up to $100 when they purchase and install high-efficiency toilets that use 1.28 gallons per flush or less  (dual flush toilets that use more than this for any flush, do not qualify). These high-efficiency water-saving toilets can be purchased at nearly any hardware or home improvement store.

We are offering up to four toilet rebates per residence.

High-Efficiency Showerhead Rebate:
Customers are eligible for a $20 rebate for the purchase and installation of a low flow shower head. These shower heads use 1.6 gallons per minute or less.

Maximum of four per residence.

High-Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate:
SBMWD offers customers a $100 rebate for the purchase and installation of a high- efficiency washing machine that has a CEE rating of Tier 1 or greater.  

Limit one per residence.

High-Efficiency Dishwasher Rebate:
Customers are eligible for a $75 rebate for the purchase and installation of a single high-efficiency dishwasher that has a CEE Rating of Tier 1 or greater.

Limit one per residence.

Household Conservation Kit:
We at SBMWD have put together a household conservation kit to assist our residential water customers. In this packet, you get an easy-to-install kitchen aerator, two bathroom aerators, a shower timer, and two leak detecting dye tabs. By installing these simple items, customers can see substantial water savings over time. The kit is free, but supplies are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis ( limit of 1 per household), so visit our offices now to get yours. Kits can be picked up at our offices on the 5th floor of City Hall at 300 N D St. Your name must appear on an SBMWD residential account. These kits are available only while supplies last.

Please refer to application for terms of agreement, product requirements and details on how to apply.

Indoor Rebate Application

These rebates are available only to SBMWD residential water customers. Commercial water customers may qualify but on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office to see if you qualify. Rebates will be available only for as long as funds are available. Participants must have their application approved before any purchase is made and adhere to all terms of agreement in order to qualify for rebates. To participate, download and application or pick up at our offices on the 5th Floor of City Hall at 300 North D Street.  To have an application mailed to you, please call (909) 384-5141. The applicant has full responsibility for complying with all applicable laws, municipal codes, ordinances, and permits. Please call SB Direct at 909/ 384- 7272 for front yard landscaping permit information.