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Water Use Restrictions

Outdoor Water Restrictions are in Effect


The City of San Bernardino is recovering from over five years of severely dry conditions which have made significant impacts to the health of our primary source of water, the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin. 

To ensure sustainable water supplies for the future, it is essential we continue our water saving efforts and embrace water conservation as a way of life. With teamwork, careful planning, and stewardship, our resources will continue to support our community well into the future.

An important component of promoting long-term conservation is reducing outdoor water waste. In an effort to protect our local water supplies, further promote efficient water use, and to comply with state regulations, the City of San Bernardino Water Board authorized implementation of Stage 2A of the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department's water shortage plan as outlined in Rule and Regulation No. 21, Section I. The following water use restrictions became effective as of July 1st, 2015:  

Stage 2A Water Restrictions:

  • Irrigation shall be limited to three days per week; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only;
  • Irrigation is allowed only before 8:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. on permitted days;
  • Maximum irrigation time of 15 minutes per station per designated irrigation day;
  • Irrigation will be prohibited for a full 48 hours after a significant precipitation event (rainfall in excess of 1/8" as measured by the Department) has occurred over the City of San Bernardino. The Department will maintain website notification when this restriction is in place;
  • All leaks shall be corrected within 72 hours of Department notification;
  • No watering of outdoor landscapes in a manner which causes excessive runoff;
  • No washing down driveways, sidewalks, or other hardscapes;
  • The washing of cars, trucks, or other vehicles is not permitted except with an automatic shut-off nozzle, or at a commercial car washing facility designated for vehicle washing;
  • No use of fountains that use potable water, unless that water is recirculated;
  • The serving of drinking water other than upon request in eating or drinking establishments including but not limited to restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, or any other public place where food or drink is served;
  • All hotels/motels shall provide their guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily. The hotel/motel must prominently display notice of this option in each bathroom using clear and easy to understand language;
  • Irrigation of ornamental turf on public street medians is prohibited.

Currently, our basin's water levels hover at or near historic lows and on May 31st, 2018 Governor Jerry Brown signed two new laws designed to improve water efficiency. To protect our resources and ensure sustainable supplies it is important that we all do our part to change our relationship with water and work together to continue our efforts to conserve it. 

The good news is water conservation doesn't have to mean sacrifice. As your water provider, it is our goal to help you on your way to water efficiency. Visit our Water Conservation page to learn more about what you can do to protect our water supplies and how even small changes in our water use can make a big impact.