Church Street

The edifice for which this street was probably named has long-since been torn down, yet the name remains as a reminder of it.

On November 1, 1874, the Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino was organized, being a branch of the Colton Church. Services were held in temporary quarters until a building was completed on the corner of Church and E Streets, and it was dedicated free to debt in 1885.1

In 1910 this church was moved to the back of the lot, and a new church was built, seating 700 persons. This church is pictured below, and was in continuous use until the Presbyterians moved to their present site on D Street at Nineteenth.

Image of the First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church

The Mormons had the town surveyed and laid out in uniform blocks, 600 feet square. Church Street bisects the original block between Fifth and Sixth. A search of the records reveals that this street was probably deeded and named for the Presbyterian Church around 1874.

1 Brown and Boyd, op. cit., p. 181.

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