Visual and Performing Arts Grant

VPLA 9.1.22


The City of San Bernardino is excited to announce

the Visual and Performing Arts Grant has been reinstated

and the Arts and Historical Preservation Commission is

accepting applications through 4pm, September 1, 2022.


Arts Grant requests must relate to one of the following categories to be eligible for funding consideration:

1.    Music---Organizations offering training, exposure, opportunities and/or creative resources for vocal    and instrumental experiences.

2.     Dance---Organizations that teach and present dance performances.

3.     Visual Art---Organizations whose programs involve the experience of creating and/or presentation of visual art.

4.    Theater---Organizations whose programs involve the experience of involvement in theater, musical theater, mime and/or opera/theater works.

5.   Literary Arts---Organizations which provide experiences in creative writing, either poetry or prose that culminates in a reading and/or display of the creation.

 6.     Film---Organizations which provide experiences in filmmaking (production, acting, direction, etc.)



Qualifications include:

1.     Non-profit status (501-c-3) organizations. No publicly funded organizations will be considered for grant funding.

a.        Applicants who partner with a local business for promotional or other collaborative purposes will receive higher ratings in the judging of grant applications.

2.     Address of organization must be within city limits.

3.     A majority of the Board of Directors are residents of, or employed in, the City of San Bernardino.

4.    Grant funds are to be used for public performances, exhibits, classes and workshops held in the City of San Bernardino.


Download the Grant Application HERE.




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