Inland Valley ECS

The Inland Valley Emergency Communications Service (IVECS) is the City's and other partnering agencies amateur radio group. IVECS' mission is to support emergency communications between the community and government during incidents, events or emergencies within the Inland Empire.

Emergency Frequencies (HAM / Amateur radio)

Classes will be scheduled throughout the year for those who are interested in learning about amateur radio and being involved in the Inland Valley ECS group. Please attend a monthly CERT general meeting for further information.

Emergency (Ham radio) frequencies for each of the seven wards are listed.

First Ward - SBC 1 144.31 Simplex

Second Ward - SBC2 144.315 Simplex

Third Ward - SBC3 144.32 Simplex

Fourth Ward - SBC4 144.325 Simplex

Fifth Ward - SBC5 144.33 Simplex

Sixth Ward - SBC6 144.335 Simplex

Seventh Ward - SBC 7 145.51 Simplex