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Getting Started

Congratulations on making the choice to serve your Community!

  • Declare your intention - file your FPPC Form 501 to let everyone know that you are running for office.
    • Download and complete your Form from The Fair Political Practices Commission webpage here: 
      Form 501 (ca.gov)
  • Decide how much money you are going to raise for your campaign:· 
    • If you are going to raise more than $2,000, you will need to complete and submit a Form 410 from here:
      Form 410 (ca.gov)  
    • If you are going to raise less than $2,000, you will need to complete and submit a Form 470 from here:
      Form 470 (ca.gov)

The Primary election will be held June 07, 2022.  Look here for more information in early Spring 2022.

Voting Made Easier

Registering to vote is now easier than ever before since the Secretary of State launched a new online voter registration system at RegisterToVote.ca.gov.

  • Go Green! Save Taxpayer Money! Get a Sample Ballot and Voter Information Guide online instead of in the mail. Go to our website, fill out an application, print it, scan and email to  voterregistrations@sbcountyelections.com.
  • No Lines! No Wait! No Worries! Voters may request a Mail Ballot in the following ways:·
    • Complete the Mail Ballot application that is included on the back of your Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot and send it to the Elections Office.* 
    • Download and complete a Mail Ballot application on the website, scan and email it to mailballots@sbcountyelections.com