Housing Programs

Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Owner Occupied Residential Rehabilitation Program is a program designed to assist income-eligible San Bernardino homeowners improve the living conditions of their homes. The program can assist owner-occupied single-family detached dwellings, townhomes and condominiums with repairs that relate to health and safety, building code, and accessibility issues, along with general property related repairs. Financial assistance is provided to the homeowner in the form of a deferred loan at 0% simple interest per annum, with no payments due on the loan unless one of the following actions occur after receipt of the loan; property sale, transfer of title of the property, the borrower/owner ceases to occupy the home as their primary residence, the borrower/owner refinances the property to take cash out or receive an equity line of credit, or upon settlement of the borrower/owner's estate. For more information please contact NPHS 909-988-5979.

Micro Enterprise Program

The Microenterprise program offers business development workshops to existing small business owners and aspiring small business owners in the City of San Bernardino. The purpose of the workshops is to educate small business owners on techniques to grow their businesses and about existing local, state and federal requirements for operating a business. Workshops are presented in English and Spanish. Participants learn about topics such as business leadership, marketing, registration of Employee Identification Number/Taxpayer Identification Number, and certifications for their small businesses. City of San Bernardino residents and business owners can also have one on one business consultations at no cost. For more information contact 909-983-0751.

Infill Housing Program

The Infill Housing Program uses city owned vacant lots to build single family homes. Single family homes consist of manufactured homes and wood frame homes. The City currently has two consultants administering this program, which includes selling homes to income qualified households who need to meet 80% Low-Moderate Income (LMI). In 2019 the 80% LMI for a family of four (4) is $57,450 and for a family of five (5) is $62,650. The purpose of this program is to increase the availability of affordable homes in the City of San Bernardino. For more information contact 909-988-5979.