2023-004725 Officer Involved Shooting

Officers Involved in Shooting of an Armed Man While Investigating Recent Gang Related Murders
Posted on Jan 14, 2023
Suspect: Daniel Felix, 47 years old
On Friday, January 13, 2023, at approximately 4:46 P.M., fully uniformed San Bernardino Police Department Officers were conducting a follow-up investigation regarding several recent murders that were related to a violent street gang. While patrolling in the known gang area, officers observed a suspect that was believed to be armed with a handgun based on his body language.

The suspect made eye contact with the officers and then attempted to flee towards an RV trailer on the property while pulling a handgun from his clothing. Officers chased the suspect, later identified as Daniel Felix, and gave several verbal commands to stop and to drop the weapon. While fleeing, Felix looked back towards officers and moved the gun in a motion that appeared he might use it against the officers. Believing they were going to be shot, one of the officers fired their duty weapon at Felix. He was hit by gunfire and fell to the ground. A loaded handgun was recovered from the scene.

Officers immediately rendered medical aid and, while doing so, found Felix was still armed with a concealed knife. Felix was transported to a local hospital and remains in critical condition. When medically cleared, Felix will face several felony charges, including the attempted murder of a police officer. Felix has an extensive and violent criminal history over the last 20 years. A summary of the charges includes numerous gun and felony assaults with a deadly weapon. Additionally, Felix was arrested in 2021 for Penal Code 245(a) 4, Felony assault with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily injury.

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the criminal investigation is asked to contact Detective Alvarez at 909-384-4935 or Sgt. Plummer at 909-384-5613.