A Housing Success Story

Meet Diane – A Housing Success Story
Posted on Sep 05, 2023

Meet Diane – A Housing Success Story

 Diane and her puppy Shadow first met the San Bernardino Homeless Outreach Team during the team's initial outreach campaign in June. Although Diane is very private about her journey, we do know she has been unsheltered for at least two years.

Diane was desperately needing a break from the harsh elements and demanding environment that she was living in. She did whatever she could to advocate for herself to receive some assistance. Luckily the outreach team staff, she was willing to trust the process and do whatever it took to find housing.

She was first able to be placed at the Super 8 Motel.  For several weeks, Diane worked closely with her case manager. During that time, she and her case manager worked with Step Up to find permanent housing. Diane was very engaged in that process, attending all of the necessary appointments with Step Up. 

We are happy to report that on August 4th, Diane got the keys to her very own studio apartment! She and Shadow now have a place they can call home.

Congratulations Diane!

The City of San Bernardino Homeless Outreach Team was launched on June 15 to engage homeless individuals to effectively and efficiently connect them with available housing and other services.

Residents and businesses can report issues or request assistance from San Bernardino's Homeless Outreach Team by calling (909) 936-3478 or by email at [email protected].