Breeze Airways Expands Service to San Bernardino

Breeze Airways Expands Service from San Bernardino
Posted on Feb 17, 2023

Breeze Airways Expands Its Service from

San Bernardino International Airport


On Thursday, February 16, passengers boarded a Breeze Airways aircraft en route to Las Vegas for the first time as part of their expansion of service from San Bernardino International Airport.

The expansion comes just six months after the airline launched the first passenger service from San Bernardino with flights to San Francisco and Provo Utah. In the first four months of service, 20,000 passengers flew in and out of San Bernardino.

Passengers on the premiere flight were treated to gift bags, an Elvis impersonator, Las Vegas showgirls and Breeze founder and CEO David Neeleman.

San Bernardino Mayor Helen Tran and City Council members Theodore Sanchez, Fred Shorett, and Kimberly Calvin were on hand to celebrate the occasion. Also attending were San Bernardino County Supervisor Joe Baca Jr., and members of the San Bernardino Airport Authority.

The initial flights to Las Vegas will take place on Thursdays and Sundays with fares are as low as $29 each way.

Water Canon

The Breeze Airways jet is sprays from water cannons as it arrives at San Bernardino International Airport for its maiden flight to Las Vegas.

Mayor Council and Elvis

San Bernardino Mayor Helen Tran and Council Member Thoedore Sanchez, Fred Shorett and Kimberly Calvin join Elvis to celebrate the new flights to Las Vegas and Hartford from San Bernardino International Airport on February 16.

  Breeze Founder and CEO

Breeze Airways Founder and CEO David Neeleman addresses the passengers on the maiden flight to Las Vegas and guests at the launch celebration. 

 SB Airport Authority

Members of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority Board.