Homeless Outreach Team Begins June 15

San Bernardino to Launch Homeless Outreach Team on June 15
Posted on Jun 05, 2023

San Bernardino to Launch
Homeless Outreach Team on June 15

The City of San Bernardino will be launching a homeless outreach team beginning June 15 to engage homeless individuals to effectively and efficiently connect them with available housing and other services.  At that time, residents and businesses will be able to report issues or request assistance by calling (909) 936-3478 or by email at [email protected].

The creation of a homeless outreach team is part of a comprehensive response taken by the Mayor and City Council following its declaration of a homeless state of emergency in February.

"As we promised, San Bernardino is taking action to address homelessness," said Mayor Helen Tran. "In addition to the new Outreach Team, we are currently cleaning up encampments, cleaning up our parks, and adding shelter beds. Residents are noticing a difference already."

In a contract awarded by the City Council on May 17, San Bernardino will partner with the Los Angeles County based Hope the Mission to provide a full-time team of eight skilled team members to work with San Bernardino Housing and Homeless staff five days a week. The outreach team will offer transportation services to individuals willing to seek shelter, access crisis centers, undergo rehabilitation, or to help reconnect with their families through reunification programs. In addition, the team will play a pivotal role in guiding unhoused individuals toward the forthcoming City shelter, ensuring that housing priority is given to those who are from San Bernardino.

The outreach team will include a program manager, two peer specialists, two case managers, two counselors, and a data coordinator. Their outreach efforts will extend across the entire 62 square miles of the city, actively engaging with the homeless community.