MLK Statue Vandalized

Martin Luther King Statue Vandalized
Posted on May 27, 2023
MLK Statue in Downtown San Bernadino Vandalized
On Thursday, May 25, the Martin Luther King Jr. statue located in the City Plaza in Downtown San Bernardino was found to have been vandalized. Dr. King's right hand and fingers were removed with a saw or cutting tool.
 San Bernardino Police are investigating this crime and reviewing security video from the area. If you have any information, please contact SBPD at (909) 384-5742.
 Wasting no time, San Bernardino Parks and Public Works staff re-constructed Dr. King's hand over the weekend in time for Monday's Memorial Day ceremony. The work was performed by Parks' staff member (and part time artist) April Flores-Cooper with assistance from Public Works Deputy Director Ernesto Salinas. This is a temporary solution, and artists are being contacted about permanently repairing the statue.
 The iconic Martin Luther King statue was envisioned by San Bernardino community members in 1971, including Reverend Gertrude Whetzel, who spearheaded the effort to raise money for the project. The statue, created by artist Julian Martinez Soto, was dedicated ten years later, in November of 1981. The statue stands over eleven feet tall and weighs approximately one ton.

The photos below show the damage to the Martin Luther King Jr. statue in downtown San Bernardino and the work performed by Parks and Recreation staff member April Flores-Cooper to repair MLK's hand, which was sawed off by vandals on or around May 25.

vandal 2  repair

reapir   repair

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