City of San Bernardino Update - July 20, 2023
Posted on Jul 20, 2023

An Update of City News Presented to the Mayor
and City Council by the City Manager's Office
at the July 19, 2023 Council Meeting


Topics include:

  • SPBD Gun Crackdown nets 129 Firearms, Cash, Drugs
  • Increase in Code Enforcement Staffing Nets Positive Results 
  • Wildwood Park Closure Underway - Crews working on 38 projects to beautify, repair, and upgrade the park.
  • Grant funding - $156,000 from the California Department of Developmental Services for the Center for Individual Development
  • Grant Funding - $100,000 from the California Arts Council for murals, performances, and events depicting local cultural, social, and economic achievements.
  • State Funding - $5 million in State Budget for new park land and affordable housing.
  • Free Backpack Giveaway and Community Fair on July 22 at Perris Hill Park
  • City to host Small Business Conference on July 27
  • Cooling Center Options in San Bernardino
  • City Manager/Department Head Approved Spending Report

Click on "View the PDF" to see the entire presentation.