State Street Extension Approved

City Council Approves Long Awaited State Street Extension Project
Posted on Aug 20, 2022
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City Council Approves Long Awaited State Street Extension Project

The San Bernardino City Council has awarded a construction contract to extend State Street from 16th Street to Baseline Street, a project that has been envisioned to improve mobility for over 20 years. The contract, awarded on August 17th to Riverside Construction Company of Riverside, CA in the amount of $7,436,165, will construct a new four lane divided roadway that includes medians, sidewalks, and storm drains.

The project is located just south of the 210 Freeway and parallels the Lytle Creek Basin. The new street will improve connectivity to the freeway, decrease cut through traffic in neighborhoods, and provide better access for residents to Arroyo Valley High School and Anne Shirrells Park.

“The West Side residents of San Bernardino have been waiting for this for a long time,” said Councilmember Kimberly Calvin, who represents the area. “Our patience is being rewarded with a great new street that will serve as a major arterial for the entire area and position Ward 6 for more economic development opportunities.

Construction on the half mile long project is anticipated to begin in September with an expected completion date of June 2023. The City will be using Regional Circulation System funds to pay for the project.

State Street currently does not exist between Foothill Boulevard and 16th Street. San Bernardino ultimately plans on extending State Street to Foothill Boulevard, a total distance of over 1.5 miles, over a series of additional phases.

“These phases will include the construction of two bridges to complete the connection to Foothill,” said San Bernardino Deputy Director of Public Works/City Engineer. “Due to the anticipated cost, additional funding would be needed.”

Calvin added, “In order to complete the vision of former Ward 6 Councilwoman Betty Dean Anderson, I look forward to collaborating with our state and federal elected officials to secure the funding necessary to complete all phases of the project. This is a monumental moment for our Ward and our City.” 

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