Vehicle Tow

2023-11512 Vehicle Tow
Posted on Feb 09, 2023
On January 31st, 2023, at about 11:15 a.m. two uniformed San Bernardino Police Officers were patrolling the area of Bryce Hanes Park located at 900 N. ‘E’ Street. This is a public park and was open during the time of the contact. The officers observed an unoccupied vehicle, parked with no license plates. A registration check with the VIN revealed it was expired over two years, since the year 2020. As the officers were filling out the necessary paperwork to have the vehicle towed per the vehicle code which directs officers to tow vehicles with expired registration over 6 months. Officers completed the necessary paperwork and called for a tow truck to their location. They were approached by a male, who was later identified as Micaiah Barber. Barber seemed agitated and was argumentative explaining that he used the public park as overflow parking for his automotive business across the street.

The officers informed Barber that the vehicle was being towed because of its lack of current registration. In response to being advised that the vehicle was being towed, he stated, “no you’re not” and “you want to bet”. The officers continued to speak with Barber to explain the situation however he refused to accept that he was improperly storing his business vehicles on public property. After several minutes passed Barber walked away and then returned carrying a cardboard box. He approached the vehicle and opened the passenger side door. The officers explained to Barber that before he can gather his belongings that they first needed to search the vehicle. The officers at this point were in lawful possession of the vehicle. Barber replied by stating, “You can do it after I grab what I’m getting”. Fearing he may grab a weapon; the officers immediately grabbed ahold of Barber and placed him in handcuffs without incident.

Once detained, he was seated and the officers conducted the inventory search where they located ammunition in the trunk. This alerted their suspicions that a firearm may be in the vehicle however none was found. Barber was released and allowed to gather his belongings. The vehicle was towed from the scene.