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Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project Quiet Zone Established

Quiet Zones were established for Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project (DSBPRP) crossings in the City of San Bernardino.

DSBPRP, originally known as the Redlands First Mile, extended the Metrolink tracks from the Santa Fe Depot to the Transit Center at the intersection of E Street and Rialto Avenue. The crossings are on Second Street, Rialto Avenue and G Street. There is also a crossing on Third Street, but that segment of Third Street has been permanently closed.

Establishment of a Quiet Zone allows trains to pass through crossings without sounding their horns, reducing the impact of train noise on adjacent properties. Without the Quiet Zone, trains are required under federal law to sound their horns at every at-grade public crossing.

A second Quiet Zone is being considered for the Shortway Subdivision. The Shortway Subdivision extends from the San Bernardino Metrolink Station toward the southerly City limit near Rialto Avenue and Walnut Avenue. The process requires SBCTA to upgrade the controls at the highway-rail at-grade crossings along the subdivision to qualify for a quiet zone designation. Planning and design of the upgrades are underway. More information will be provided throughout each stage of the process.