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San Bernardino Public Library provides the “Reading Road Trip” program for children to encourage early literacy

While everyone is seeking ways to ensure children’s physical, academic, and social development needs are being met, San Bernardino Public Library continues to provide free, easily-accessible resources to area families. The cancelation of many activities and services that schools and communities offer can provide a renewed opportunity to take greater advantage of the enrichment tools available at a public library.

Libraries provide a unique opportunity to serve the community through a blend of physical, digital, in-person, and virtual content. Each summer, libraries across the country host a summer reading program for local children that aims to celebrate the many benefits of reading and hopes to inspire children to fulfill their creative potential. The addition of Checkers Library TV to library offerings this summer will provide children with a well-rounded experience that will keep their minds engaged and ready to explore their imaginative possibilities.

Checkers Library TV is a weekly half-hour television style show aimed at providing entertainment for children and illustrating the benefits of reading in a fun and exciting way. Library patrons can find these episodes at our website www.sbpl.org each week hosting by City of San Bernardino/Inland Empire Media Group and San Bernardino Public Library. This summer, Checkers and his vacuum robot sidekick Snoozer head off on a reading road trip where they will explore the vast world of animals and visit a new animal habitat each week. The 12-episode series will feature many unique animal environments, interviews with animal experts, a new animal craft each week, and many more exciting features that will keep kids on the edge of their seats. Along the way, the episodes will feature summer health tips from Dr. Dan, crafts and activities with Mrs. Hamilton, book recommendations, science experiments, and much more.

Information about our Summer Reading Program underway through Aug. 2, library activities and online resources is available at www.sbpl.org