Studio D

Studio D
Posted on May 09, 2023
Studio D

Inland Empire Entrepreneurs Find Community at Studio D

Studio D is a diverse co-working space in downtown San Bernardino that’s designed to cater to all entrepreneurs at every stage.

If you walk into Studio D in downtown San Bernardino, you’ll find more than just office space. You’ll find a vibrant center filled with great ideas, talented entrepreneurs, and a passionate community.

Minority-owned businesses that once struggled to access funding and marketing resources have increased revenue by more than 30% after joining Studio D. A number of entrepreneurs have secured significant investments from venture capitalists after participating in a scaling business program offered at Studio D.

Studio D

Studio D pioneers towards growth and opportunity. Vartan Achabahian, founder and CEO of the Prospect Group Real Estate Investment and owns Studio D, said “Studio D is a small business hub that’s on a mission to empower and uplift the entrepreneurial spirit of underrepresented, underprivileged communities in San Bernardino County.”

Achabahian said his firm launched Studio D because statistics show how minority-owned businesses constantly struggle to access opportunities and support, which hinders their potential for growth and success.

“Studio D aims to break down these barriers by creating a space where curated programming and services are under one roof,” Achabahian said. “Through our nonprofit and for-profit partnerships, Studio D has quickly become a beacon of hope and support for individuals seeking to create a better future for themselves and their families.”

Studio D Open Space

Studio D offers several different types of services and programs for entrepreneurs regardless of the stage their business is in. Members can find many different types of services including office space, community events, mentorship, financial education, marketing resources, business development resources, and more.

“Studio D and its partners provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs, offering curated programming and services under one roof,” Achabahian said. “Another unique aspect of Studio D is its holistic approach to entrepreneurship. The organization recognizes that starting and growing a business can be stressful and demanding, and therefore offers entrepreneurship wellness programs to help entrepreneurs manage their mental health and well-being.”

But, it’s more than just a program to help entrepreneurs with their businesses — it’s a community.

“Studio D creates a safe space where partner organizations address common fears among minority-owned business owners and misconceptions about funding and financing, which helps to break down barriers that may have previously prevented them from accessing resources,” Achabahian said. “Studio D is not just a physical space for entrepreneurs to work, but also a community. By building a community of like-minded individuals, Studio D fosters collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing, creating a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can thrive.”

Studio D Open Space 2

The community includes more than just what exists inside the walls of Studio D, it includes those who supported the organization, including the City of San Bernardino.

“As the founders of Studio D, we have been fortunate to have received tremendous support from the City of San Bernardino and its economic development office,” Achabahian said. “The City's unwavering commitment to promoting economic growth and development has been integral to our success, and we are deeply grateful for their continued support.”

“The City of San Bernardino recognizes the dedication of Mr. Archabahian and his team and commend them on the accomplishment of bringing this space to life. Their vision for attracting talent and success to downtown San Bernardino is welcomed and celebrated,” said Amanda Hernandez, City of San Bernardino Economic Development Division Manager.

Achabahian said the The Inland Empire Regional Chamber and the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce also provided support in creating Studio D. The incredible support from outside stakeholders, including Chase Bank and other partners, is why Achabahian decided to open Studio D in downtown San Bernardino.

“These partnerships have allowed us to connect with other business owners in the region and share resources and knowledge, which has been invaluable to our growth,” Achabahian said. “We would not have been able to open and grow Studio D into the thriving business hub it is today without their support.”

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