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FREE options to get rid of your couch, mattress or other bulky household items!

All San Bernardino residents receive TWO FREE bulky-item collection services by Burrtec. To have your items picked up, call Burrtec at (909) 804-4222 with a list of items and they will provide the pick-up date.


Bring your unwanted household items to a Community Dump Day, courtesy of the Public Works Department and Burrtec. 


Clean-ups involving encampments includes are coordinated effort to resolve. The team consists of Pubic Works, the San Bernardino Police Department and Burrtec Waste Management. The team seeks to address blight in the City of San Bernardino as it relates to the recovery, economic development, public safety and well-being of our community. If you see encampments or major dump sites, report it. This team is trained and dedicated to addressing these types of concerns. Report by calling SB Direct at (909) 384-7272, submitting an online service request through SB Access Online or via the Go San Bernardino mobile app (see above).

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