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The City of San Bernardino is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to improve walking and biking!

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Project Overview

Funded by a Caltrans' Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant, the San Bernardino ATP will build upon ongoing efforts by the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) to expand regional active transportation infrastructure and programming.

By providing the City of San Bernardino residents and visitors more ways to get around – especially by walking, biking, and taking transit – it helps achieve better health outcomes and create a multi-modal transportation system. The City of San Bernardino ATP is the first step to a more walkable and bikeable future in the City!

Plan Goals

The goals of the City of San Bernardino ATP are focused on the following four key themes: Connectivity, Local Access & Mobility, Safety, and Health & Environment. Click on the image below to zoom in.


Improve the walkability and bikeability of the City of San Bernardino by creating a local network of connected bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Local Access & Mobility

Provide the City of San Bernardino residents greater access to transit, jobs, goods, services, schools, and parks without the need to drive a car.


Improve the overall safety of people walking, biking, and riding public transportation in the City of San Bernardino through infrastructure and programming strategies. 

Health & Environment

Prioritize strategies that will improve public health conditions and reduce the impacts of driving on the environment in the City of San Bernardino.  


ATP Goals


The results of the ATP will be incorporated into the Circulation Element of the City's Comprehensive General Plan Update.

Final San Bernardino Active Transportation Plan

The San Bernardino Active Transportation Plan has been completed. You are invited to review the Plan using the links provided below.

San Bernardino Active Transportation Plan Final Report 

 Active Transportation Network Map 

 Bicycle Network Map

 Appendix A: Plan and Policy Review

 Appendix B: Virtual Focus Area Sessions

 Appendix C: Focus Group Interview Summaries  

 Appendix D: Outreach Event Summaries  

 Appendix E: Existing Conditions Analysis Full Report  

 Appendix F: Design Guidelines  

 Appendix G: Ranked Corridor List  

 Appendix H: Screenline Counts


Other Planning Efforts

Regionally, the City of San Bernardino ATP will supplement and enhance existing planning efforts in the County.

Locally, the ATP will also complement the current General Plan Update and Downtown Specific Plan projects.

San Bernardino County

Active San Bernardino is the County's Active Transportation Plan that was adopted in September 2020. The Plan includes the creation of an open data portal that provides data and resources related to active transportation all in one central hub. Specifically, it brings together biking, walking, and safe routes to school recommendations from previously completed Countywide plans.

  • Existing & Planned Bikeways
  • Safe Routes to School Sites
  • Pedestrian Interest Points

Public Transit

Omnitrans is the primary public transit agency serving San Bernardino. It serves 15 member cities in the San Bernardino Valley and portions of unincorporated San Bernardino County. Omnitrans has several adopted plans including the FY 2021 Management Plan, the FY 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, and the OmniConnects FY 2015-2020 Short-Range Transit Plan. The agency is also actively working on a Bus Stop Safety Improvement Plan.

Recent agency highlights include the opening of the sbX bus rapid transit line, which connects Cal State San Bernardino to Loma Linda University through Downtown via E Street, and the opening of the San Bernardino Multi-Modal Regional Transit Center, which unites Metrolink, 22 bus bays, sbX, and, in the future, the Redlands Light Rail system.

Local Plans

The General Plan of the City of San Bernardino was last updated in 2007. The City is actively working on completing a new update to the General Plan and a Downtown Specific Plan. In addition, the City has adopted several other specific plans, some of which have defined a clear strategic vision of active transportation within their plan area. These include the Waterman & Baseline Specific Plan, University District Specific Plan, and several others.

Project Schedule

 ATP Schedule


Questions? Reach out to the City of San Bernardino ATP Project Team at [email protected].

City of San Bernardino | Planning Division | 290 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401