Landscape Assessment Districts

Requirements for submittal and approval of landscape and irrigation plans for assessment districts

As stated in the City Development Code under Chapter 19.28.010, Purpose of Landscape Standards, it states, "The purpose of this Chapter is to establish landscaping regulations that are intended but not limited to."

I. CODE AUTHORITY and purposes

  1. Enhance the aesthetic appearance of development in all areas of the City by providing standards relating to quality, quantity and functional aspects of landscaping and landscape screening.

  2. Increase compatibility between residential and abutting commercial and industrial land uses.

The intent and purpose of these policies and procedures is to provide.

1. Guidance in the required submittal of landscape and irrigation plans.

2. Guidance in meeting street tree requirements.

3. Guidance in selection of plant materials.

4. Guidance in what the landscape and irrigation plants shall show.

It is the responsibility of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department to conduct required inspections prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).


  1. Separate water meter for the irrigation shall be required.

  2. Separate electric meter for irrigation controllers shall be required.

  3. "Rain Guard" units from the Hydro Visor Company shall be installed at each controller.

  4. Rainbird PES-B series, remote control valves, in angle pattern shall be used. Install with one (1) cubic foot of pea gravel.

  5. All irrigation sprinklers in planter areas and small turf areas shall be Rain Bird 1800 series with M.P.R., B-12 NOZZLES (Q-H-F).

  6. All irrigation sprinklers in medium areas shall be Toro, Super 700 C.

  7. All irrigation sprinklers in large turf areas shall be Toro 640 heads with rubber covers.

  8. All sprinklers used shall be "pop-up" type.

  9. All irrigation sprinklers shall be installed on approved triple swing joints.

  10. All pipe 2" and larger shall be Class 315 P.V.C., all pipe 1 1/2" and smaller shall be P.V.C., Class 200 or better.

  11. Rain Bird 3/4 quick-coupler valves shall be installed every 100' in round plastic valve boxes. Install with pea gravel.

  12. All irrigation lines under concrete and asphalt to be sleeved with Sch. 40 pipe 2 1/2 times the size of the line.


  1. Specific information on street trees and plant material will depend on project design. Contact Landscape Section for further information at (909) 384-5217 or 384-5314.

  2. Minimum plant sizes be as follows.


A. Open areas - 24" box

B. Street trees - All 24" box


A. Even combination of 5 gallon and 1 gallon sizes (50% each)

Turf Grass:

A. Setback areas shall be hydro-see or sod

B. Open areas shall be hydro-seeded upon approval

Ground Cover:

A. Planted on 8" centers minimum for 100% coverage when mature

B. Live-rooted material to be used


  1. A complete soil test with recommendations shall be required. Sample results and recommendations shall be on the landscape plans and shall be adhered to. Three (3) copies of sample reports shall be provided with the final landscape plans.

  2. Setback areas shall be bermed not to exceed 3:1 slope. Berming shall be continuous in shape and form.

  3. Planter areas shall be a minimum of four (4) feet wide.

  4. 6" concrete mow-strips shall separate all turf areas from other landscape areas.

  5. 6" concrete mow-strips shall separate assessment district from private landscaping.



  1. Inspections shall be performed by a Parks and Recreation Department representative at the following:

A. Depth of irrigation trenching, sleeving, mainline, lateral lines (prior to burial), valve installation and irrigation head assembly.

B. Pressure test of mainline (2 hours at 150 P.S.I.)

C. Coverage test and final acceptance.

  1. Do not allow or cause the above items to be buried prior to inspections and approval of the Parks Department representative. A 24-hour notice shall be given prior to anticipated inspections. Contact the Landscape Sections at (909) 384-5217 or 384-5314.


  1. Inspections shall be performed by a Parks and Recreation Department representative at the following:

A. Upon completion of finished grade, soil preparations and final rake out.

B. When trees and shrubs are spotted for planting, with one example of planting hole for trees and shrubs. Provide samples of plant fertilizer.

C. Final completion when planting and all other specified work has been completed.

  1. A 24-hour notice shall be given prior to anticipated inspections. Contact the Landscape Section at (909) 384-5217 or 384-5314.


  1. Notify the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department of commencement of landscaping. Give anticipated time line (start-to-finish).

  2. All landscaping, irrigation and street trees shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the City of San Bernardino Municipal Codes, ordinances and standard requirements.

  3. Material requirements for all planting material shall be number one (1) grade of the California Nursery Industry Certificate as issued by the Agricultural Commissioner of the County of origin.

  4. Contractor responsible for ninety (90) day plant establishment and maintenance period after all inspections have been completed by a Parks and Recreation Inspector. During the maintenance period, all inspections and approvals will conducted by Public Works Landscape Inspectors.

  5. All landscape material, irrigation equipment, irrigation components and workmanship shall be guaranteed for a period of not less than one (1) year from date of final approval by the City of San Bernardino Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department's Director or his/her designee. The conditions of the guarantee will be to insure, but not limited to, all plant material being in healthy condition and free from abnormal conditions which may have occurred during or after planting, such as defoliation or structure dieback.



All areas landscaped by the contractor under this project shall be maintained for a period of not less than ninety (90) days from the date of written acceptance for start of maintenance. If landscape is not acceptable, maintenance period will be extended to 30, 60, or 90 days, or as determined by the Public Works Landscape Inspector.

A. Start of Maintenance Period

  1. Maintenance period shall not start until all elements of the project are completed in accordance with the contract documents. Projects will not be segmented into phases.

  2. Power to remote controllers shall be established prior to the beginning of the maintenance period.

  3. The maintenance period for the job shall not begin until after the first mowing of the turf area. New turf shall not be mowed until attaining a minimum of 2". Mow at 2" height using a rotary mower equipped with a properly sharpened blade. Notify the Public Works Landscape Inspector 24-hours prior to the mowing.

  4. Written acceptance of the landscape architect and the City must be obtained prior to the beginning of the maintenance period. Acceptance letters shall be given to the Landscape and Real Property Sections and kept on file.

  5. If the project maintenance fails to continuously meet standards required for start of maintenance, the maintenance period will be suspended and will not continue until contractor has corrected all deficiencies.

  6. Contractor shall post bond or cash in the amount agreed upon with the Engineering Division. Monies are to guarantee the repair or replacement of any deficiencies in the irrigation, landscape and hardscape at the end of the ninety (90) days maintenance period.

  7. Contractor shall submit completed as-build drawings which shall be in the form of one (1) Mylar reproducible and three (3) blue line copies. Actual submittal shall be made to the Real Property Section. Drawings shall encompass all irrigation, landscape and hardscape.

  8. Landscape Section shall be the deciding party, regarding all acceptance items, for start of maintenance period.

B. During Maintenance Period

  1. Contractor and/or designee shall contact the Real Property Section at the beginning of each month during the ninety (90) days maintenance period. Contact shall be by telephone or other means if pre-arranged. Purpose of contact is to review the status of the project, (maintenance district portions only). It shall also be the responsibility of the contractor and/or designee to leave a business address and telephone number with the Real Property Section.

  2. Provide watering, weeding, fertilizing, cultivating and spraying necessary to keep the plants and turf in a healthy, growing condition and to keep the planted areas neat, edged, and attractive. All shrubs and trees shall be trimmed and pruned as necessary to encourage new growth and eliminate sucker growth. Old wilted flowers and deal foliage shall be immediately pinched or cut off. Do no major tree trimming without prior approval of the Real Property Section.

  3. In the event that trees exhibit iron-chlorosis symptoms during the maintenance period, apply FR 138 Geigy or equivalent at manufacturer's recommended rates.

  4. Should the appearance of any plant indicate weakness, that plant shall be replaced immediately with a new healthy plant. At the end of the maintenance period, all plant materials shall be in a healthy, growing condition as indicated on the plans. Real Property Section shall make this determination.

  5. Lawns shall be mowed at 2 inches on a weekly basis. Trimming and edging shall be completed on day mowing occurs.

  6. Damage to planting areas shall be repaired immediately and throughout the maintenance period by the contractor at their expense.

  7. Any planting areas that do not show promptly establishment of plant material shall be replanted at a 10-day intervals until accepted by the Real Property Section.

  8. Miscellaneous Maintenance Items:

A. Depressions caused by vehicles, bicycles or foot traffic shall be filled and leveled. Replant damaged areas.

B. Exterminate gophers, squirrels and moles and repair damage as above.

C. The post-plant fertilizing will consist primarily of a nitrogen only fertilizer program. Beginning approximately 30 days after planting, ammonium-sulfate shall be applied at a rate of 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet on a monthly basis.

D. Irrigation shall consider soil, exposure, day and night temperatures and sprinkler output. Conservation of water shall be monitored closely.

  1. Debris and trash shall be removed from the site daily.

  2. Throughout the maintenance period, all plants shall be maintained in a disease and pest free condition. A licensed pest control operator shall be retained by the contractor to apply all pesticides. Pesticide recommendations shall be made by a licensed pest control advisor.

C. End of Maintenance

  1. Upon completion of the ninety (90) days maintenance period, the Real Property Section will inspect the project. Notify the Landscape Inspector 24 hours prior to inspection at (909) 384-5027. The contractor and/or designee shall be present during inspection.

  2. Confirmation that the City has received all submittals and turn-over items shall be made.

  3. Deficiencies noted during the inspection shall extend the maintenance period until all are corrected.

  4. Real Property Section representative shall be the deciding party regarding all end maintenance items.

  5. End of maintenance period shall occur only with written acceptance by the City. Acceptance letter shall be on file in the Public Works Department.

  6. The Developer/Contractor shall notify the Public Works Department in writing of completion of maintenance and approval of project.

  7. Turn over items:

1. 4 box controller keys

2. 3 quick coupler keys

3. 2 manuals for controller operations

4. 2 - 11" x 14" copies of valve station locations and irrigation system (enclosed in



1. The above information shall be listed in the sheet index and shall be referenced in the plans on a separate sheet.