Cooley Lane

Image of George Cooley, pioneer farmer and county superviso
George Cooley

George Cooley, pioneer farmer and county supervisor, was born in Kent, England. He sailed from Dover to New Orleans in 1853, and was married enroute by the ship's commander off the West Indies. He and his bride traveled up the Mississippi to Keokuk, Iowa then crossed the plains by oxcart to Salt Lake.

They continued to San Bernardino. According to Maude Cooley Barnes, they met the Mormons at "Bitter Springs" in the spring of 1857, when the latter was returning to Zion. The Cooleys arrived in San Bernardino in May 1857, and bought an extensive farm about four miles south of town. This is the way the ranch appeared in the 1880's.

Image of Cooley Ranch, c. 1885
Cooley Ranch, c. 1885

For a number of years Mr. Cooley served as a county supervisor. "The Hall of Records and Court House are objects of his pride, as he saw to it that the money of the people was judiciously and economically used in their construction, thus establishing himself strongly in the confidence of the people."1

Cooley Lane, leading to the Cooley Ranch, may be seen immediately to the west of the San Bernardino-Riverside Freeway. The home and barns pictured are still standing, and occupied by members of the Cooley family.

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