Two Parks to Temporarily Close

Perris Hill Park and Meadowbrook Park to Temporarily Close
Posted on May 12, 2023

Perris Hill Park and Meadowbrook Park
to Temporarily Close for Maintenance

The City of San Bernardino has announced that two of its parks, Perris Hill Park and Meadowbrook Park, will be temporarily closed beginning Monday, May 15 in order for the parks to undergo repairs, maintenance, and cleanups. Meadowbrook Park is expected to be closed from May 15 until May 19. Perris Hill Park is expected to be closed from May 15 until May 31, The Jerry Lewis Family Swim Center and pickleball courts at Perris Hill Park will remain open.

"Both parks have significant maintenance and repair issues, as well as health and safety issues that require inspection and sanitation," said interim City Manager Charles McNeely. "The maintenance and cleanup work being performed in the coming weeks will make the parks safer and healthier for all to enjoy," 

The work to be performed includes: mosquito testing and treatment; chemical application for weeds; tree removals; tree trimming; pressure washing of sidewalks, common areas, gazebos, shade structures and hardscapes; Signage replacement; parking lot deep-sweeping and re-striping; bathroom deep-cleaning and sanitizing; painting and touch up of restroom exteriors; graffiti abatement, playground sanitizing and inspection; tree planting; installation of mural art on utility boxes and restroom exterior walls; gate repairs; and trash can repair or replacement.

The City of San Bernardino temporarily closed Blair Park and Seccombe Lake Park in the past year to conduct similar work.

The parks will be closed to all patrons, including homeless individuals, Notices announcing the closures were posted at the parks on Thursday, May 11. Shelter beds and additional resources are being identified by City Housing and Homeless staff in partnership with non-profit organizations.

The 14-acre Meadowbrook Park is located at the intersection of Second Street and Sierra Way. Perris Hill Park encompasses over 64 acres and is located at 1165 Highland Avenue.