Elected Offices

  • City Council
    The City Council is an elected body with legislative powers to enact ordinances, resolutions, policies, and enforcement, and funding actions to enhance the social and economic well being of the City and its citizens. Residents within their respective wards elect the seven members of Council to four-year terms. The seven Council members serve at various times on a number of sub-committees including Personnel Committee, Ways & Means, and Legislative Review.

  • Mayor's Office
    Elected citywide by the residents of the City to a four-year term, the Mayor is the executive leader of the City of San Bernardino. The Mayor is responsible for both the management and operation of the City, and for goal setting and policy making. The Mayor also serves as the executive leader of the Economic Development Agency.Members of the Mayor's staff are responsible for all public information and marketing activities regarding the City. Additionally, the Mayor's Office provides project management and general office support.